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Crabs may not seem like an obvious choice for a pet, but they’re actually fascinating creatures with a lot to offer. However, there isn’t just one type of crab: over 5000 different types of crabs exist. So which type of crab makes the best pet?

Different species of crab really vary in size and in their behaviour. Some of them make great pets, whereas other types of crab aren’t as suitable for keeping as pets.

Crabs are best kept in a tank, which will need to be big enough for the species you select. You don’t want to choose a pet crab and then realise that you don’t have enough space for a large enough tank.

Let’s look at some of the most popular types of pet crab…

Rainbow land crab and Halloween land crab

As the name suggests, these two types of crab live mostly on the land. They are an appealing crab to keep as a pet, as they both feature lots of bright colours. The rainbow crab is purple, blue, orange and cream, while the Halloween crab has a black body, orange legs and purple markings. They don’t grow very large so will only need a small tank, but they will be happiest if kept in pairs. You will need to set your tank up with both a water and a land area for these crabs to live happily and healthily.

Fiddler crabs

There are 90 species of fiddler crab, mostly found in the inter-tidal zone of ocean beaches. Male Fiddler crabs have one large claw, making them quite distinctive. Fiddler crabs are small – only growing to about two inches across – which makes them an appealing pet, however, they do need access to salt water, which makes them more challenging to care for. To keep pet Fiddler crabs, you will need to add aquarium salt to their water and the salt levels must be carefully controlled.

Land hermit crab

Found on the shores of the Caribbean, these small crabs make fascinating pets. The hermit crab does not grow its own shell as other crabs do. Instead, hermit crabs move vacant shells that they find lying around. You will need to provide your pet hermit crab with a variety of shells to choose from, as well as a layer of wet, calcium-rich sand to burrow into.

Vampire crab

If you fancy a seeing a pair of mysterious yellow eyes glowing at you from your pet crab tank, this is the pet crab for you! Hailing from Indonesia, this stunning freshwater land crab is a beautiful purple colour. Like other land crabs, it will need both water and land areas in its tank.

Hopefully you can see that crabs can certainly make interesting pets and – while there isn’t one “best type” of pet crab – there are lots of interesting types of crab that you could potentially choose to keep as a pet.

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Photo: Crab by nukeit1 licensed under Creative commons 2
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