And the easiest reptile to look after is… The leopard gecko 0 33

If you are a fan of reptiles but thought you did not have either the time or the space to have one as a pet, think again with the leopard gecko.

Easy housing

Leopard geckos do not need a lot of space, so a moderately sized vivarium will suit them well. Make sure that one side is heated to 28-32ºC with the opposite side at around 20ºC. They will need a moist area to allow them to shed their skin and plenty of ornaments to allow them to hide and climb.

Simple diet

Leopard geckos aren’t very demanding on this front either. They are insectivores, so a variety of crickets, cockroaches, mealworms or other small insects is all they need. Make sure they have a good water source to keep them hydrated, and your gecko will be happy and healthy.

Few demands

As you’re already finding out, leopard geckos are super easy to look after. They are not exceptionally sociable so they do not require a large amount of your time. It is also perfectly fine to have just one gecko as they do not need an additional gecko for company.

What to do to acclimatise your gecko

When you bring your gecko home make sure you do not do anything that would make your gecko feel threatened. Instead of trying to lift them, try and encourage them to make the first move. You can do this by placing your hand down near them to see if they will approach you. Be patient. Leopard geckos can be nervous, and it can take time for them to feel comfortable with you and to recognise you are not a predator.

What not to do

Never pick a leopard gecko up by the tail, it is extremely delicate and may break off. Don’t leave a gecko alone with a small child. The gecko isn’t the danger but the child is; leopard geckos are small and fragile, and therefore easily hurt. Give anyone working with them good instruction.

If you are thinking of getting a pet reptile, it really is easy with the leopard gecko! Just follow our pet care advice above.

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